Do you ever wonder why you are living the life you currently have? If you're anything

like me you will have asked yourself time and time again when faced with the life you

have, whether great or not so great, "How did I get to this point?" "What were the

series of circumstances that set me on this course?" How did I get here?" "Is there

anything I could have done differently?" "Why do I always do that?", "Why haven't I

learned that lesson by now?", "Where did I go wrong?"

We torture ourselves on a regular basis about what we could have done, what we

should have done, how things should have been, trying to figure out a reason for the

way things are and usually with our focus being on what has not gone well, rather

than on some of the great things that the Lord has blessed us with.

If you are a car driver you will be able to identify those times when you set off on a

journey, arrive at the city of your destination but when it comes to finding the actual

district or suburb you become hopelessly lost. I have lost count of the number of

times that has happened to me, even with satellite navigation! An interesting

observation in journeying is that we experience different types of roads along the

way: built up areas, congested roads, narrow lanes and 3 lane motorways and roads

with endless roadblocks and detours, whilst on others we can drive freely without


The same is true on the journey of life.

Another equally important point to note is that even when you take a wrong turn,

every turn you take off-plan, there is a way of escape, a series of revised turns you

need to make to reroute you and get you back on track!

Excerpt from "Roses & Thorns 7-day devotional" - visit the Flourish shop to purchase.

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