It is well! (Excerpt from "Roses & Thorns" devotional

Updated: Feb 27

Whilst writing this devotional I tried to think of an example of when I have experienced loss and periods of fruitlessness but there were too many accounts to fit in the whole of this 7-day devotional.

I have experienced the loss of a sibling, chronic health issues, life-threatening encounters, redundancy, business folding, extreme financial difficulties, friends walking away, false accusations and rejection.

I am sure you have experienced similar circumstances or maybe even worse.

I am sure that in those times of bereavement or barrenness you felt that it was the end of the road for you.

You may be going through something seemingly catastrophic right now.

My encouragement to you is that the God that brought you to this point is able to sustain you, as you walk through it. He is able to keep you from falling (Jude 25 KJV).

..... “It is well”.

Extract from "Roses & Thorns - 7-day devotional with Songs of Encouragement for the Storm"

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